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Topic: Wireless use policies in hospitals 

1.  Wireless use policies in hospitals

Posted 08-25-2017 07:48
Good morning,

AAMI's Wireless Strategy Task Force (WSTF) is working on developing guidance for hospitals on crafting policies related to wireless use. At this stage, the WSTF is exploring what types of policies are currently in place in hospitals so that they can evaluate how such policies could be made more effective. Ultimately, the WSTF would like to create a suggested template for a wireless use policy that any hospital could use and adapt to its unique needs.

If your facility currently has a wireless use policy--no matter how basic or ineffective you think it might be--would you please send a copy to me at by next Friday, Sept. 1? Your policy will not be shared publicly. It would only be used to inform the WSTF about the needs of the community with respect to wireless policies. Thanks so much for considering the request!

All the best,

Patrick Bernat
Director Healthcare Technology Management
Arlington VA
(703) 525-4890