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1.  Nurse Call Bathroom Pull Cord Locations

Posted 05-24-2017 15:49

Recently we had a request to add nurse call bathroom pull cords to public restrooms that have multiple stalls. Currently our standard is to only implement bathroom pull cords in patient care areas and bathrooms that have only a single stall. Can any other hospital comment where in the hospital they use bathroom pull stations? To what unit does the alert go to?

Thanks for your feedback. 

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2.  RE: Nurse Call Bathroom Pull Cord Locations

Posted 05-25-2017 09:23

Hi Samantha,

We do the same in putting pull cords in bathrooms only in patient areas.  It has been brought up to put them in some public bathrooms at some of my hospitals.  I mentioned if you do that, then why wouldn't you put them in all bathrooms,  waiting rooms, the cafeteria and the list could go on, if there objective is to have access to pull cords in a time of need.  Most other areas have enough foot traffic including public bathrooms, that if someone was in need, someone else would come upon them.  To my knowledge there are no regulations that would demand you doing this.  There are always unfortunate events that could happen, but it could happen in many areas of the hospital, so trying to cover all areas with pull cords would be very costly.  Our alerts go to the department that is closest to the bathroom.  Every hospitals layout is different, so I do believe you have to look at each one individually. 



Thanks, Doug


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3.  RE: Nurse Call Bathroom Pull Cord Locations

Posted 05-26-2017 07:34

Hi Sam,


During my time in Boston we only had pull cords in patient rooms.  Public Safety rounded on public areas and often times would be the gatekeeper to lobby bathroom access (inner city hospital traffic).  Perhaps PS could be brought into the loop as there are many operational hurdles with placement of the call stations, response, etc.  Best of luck.


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4.  RE: Nurse Call Bathroom Pull Cord Locations

Posted 06-14-2017 15:09


Our Design standard would be the FGI Guidelines (2014). Ordinarily we would not put a pull cord in a public restroom, but if there is a risk of patient use of a particular restroom we might make an exception. This would be done based on a risk assessment.



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