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COVID 19 Vendors Hospital Restrictions

  • 1.  COVID 19 Vendors Hospital Restrictions

    Posted 03-16-2020 10:47
    Hello all,

    Our hospital placed a new COVID-19 restriction limiting vendor visits to our capmus. The majority of our life support and high-risk equipment PMs are under contract and done by outside vendors. We are concerned that upcoming PMs would not be completed on time and not sure if we can continue using the equipment on our patients. I was wondering if anyone knows of any new updates or announcements from TJC/CMS that may pertain to this issue.


    Hosameldin Elsemany, CCE CBET
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  • 2.  RE: COVID 19 Vendors Hospital Restrictions

    Posted 03-16-2020 16:18
    Edited by Danielle McGeary 03-16-2020 16:19

    AAMI is aware of healthcare organizations denying access to service providers in order to support "social distancing" to prevent community spread. We are also aware of vendor's staffs who refuse to enter facilities where COVID-19 is suspected to have positively tested cases. Because of this several member organizations have asked if accrediting organizations such as The Joint Commission (TJC) will be waiving maintenance interval requirements. Please be aware that  inspection, testing and maintenance activities are established by CMS as Conditions of Participation (COPs), not by accrediting organizations. The Joint Commission (TJC) nor any other accrediting organization can in and of themselves renounce these requirements, only CMS can. Since the president has declared a national state of emergency, CMS can issue a 1135 waiver to waive certain requirements. AAMI is waiting to hear if medical equipment inspections and testing will be one of those waivers. We will keep you all posted as we learn more. 

    Danielle McGeary
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