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Standards-Based Messages To Your CMMS Can Free Technician Time, improve Patient Care And Provide Utilization Data [Lengthy Message – not selling a product]

  • 1.  Standards-Based Messages To Your CMMS Can Free Technician Time, improve Patient Care And Provide Utilization Data [Lengthy Message – not selling a product]

    Posted 09-26-2019 09:59


    We ask you to provide just a little data. A SurveyMonkey link is provided below.


    The aggregated (anonymous) data is expected to document that operation and condition messages and alerts from devices to the CMMS will reduce unnecessary effort and improve clinical performance. PCD MEM messages can help address this - freeing technician time - by reducing unnecessary scheduled maintenance. Additional benefits come from addressing device-generated malfunction alerts when a real issue arises as well as obtaining utilization data.

    You are asked to tell us how much time your department spends on pump and physiologic monitor scheduled maintenance and a small number of other items. Your participation is very important in motivating device manufacturers to provide you with the information to manage equipment and in motivating the CMMS companies to accept and process these messages. The CMMS can then alert you to problems as they arise or record the unit is performing well.

    How Does It Work?

    Members of the IHE Patient Care Device Domain (PCD) (mostly manufacturers) developed Medical Equipment Management (MEM) standards-based messages to communicate device operation and condition messages to the CMMS. Standards-based means the CMMS has only one significant programming requirement with only minor differences for model, etc. And implementation is easy because the messages are already defined.

    Example Messages:

    Self-test pass on startup  (potentially substituting for a lot of scheduled maintenance)

    Malfunction detected while powered on (provide timely response to a malfunction)

    Maintenance issue (category for other issue)

    Power is on or power is off  (a clue to availability for clinical use and maintenance)

    Unit is on line or unit is on battery power

    In use/paused/standby   (along with power off you have utilization data and potential availability)

    Battery charge is low  (e.g., this would be important for a defibrillator or a transport device)

    Battery condition (maintenance issue)

    Battery is charging/discharging


    In a recently conducted a survey of infusion pump companies nearly all have several of these available in proprietary form and some companies have several in PCD format. I plan to survey manufacturers of other devices as well.

    The User Survey – your responses will NOT be identified – only summary data will be used

    We believe data from this survey will motivate companies to provide you, the customer, with improved productivity and provide clinicians and patients with improved device performance.

    This is the most important of what is asked:

    For Infusion Pumps and Physiologic Monitors (estimate if accurate data is not available):

    • How many infusion pumps are you responsible for?

              If modular please count the main pump and the modules separately.

    • How many physiologic monitors are you responsible for?

              If possible, please count the mobile and fixed units separately but do not count modules.

    • For each of these device types:
    • How many tech hours/year are devoted to pump (and module) scheduled maintenance?
    • Is PM annual or more frequent?
    • How many failures/year are detected during scheduled maintenance?
    • Are you employing an Alternate Equipment Management (AEM) program or following manufacturer directions for scheduled maintenance or doing something else?

    To make analysis possible, please respond with this SurveyMonkey site:             

    If you are a site/regional manager (including ISO's) please respond for your site/region. If you are in a corporate ISO position please respond for the company.


    We believe that when your CMMS receives this data you may well be able to replace all or portions of "scheduled maintenance" on many devices with reports from each device.                                                                                                                                                

    Please provide the information requested – estimates will do if hard data is not available, just indicate the data that is estimated.

    Thank you and best wishes,

    Manny Furst, FACCE (ret.)

    Emanuel Furst PhD, CCE, FACCE
    President (retired)
    Improvement Technologies, LLC
    Tucson AZ