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Routers, switches, Hubs oh my

  • 1.  Routers, switches, Hubs oh my

    Posted 04-25-2020 08:32
    Question from Last Wednesdays Group.

    What is the difference between and router and and a Hub.

    This pulled directly from the IT Survival guide...

    Switch: Act as a central connection point for network devices. They directly send and route information to the destination device and operate in full-duplex.

    Routers: Used to transfer information between separate networks. They use a routing table to direct information to the correct network address.

    Bridge: A device that connects two networks together using different formats. Examples include twisted pair to fiber optic and twisted pair to a wireless network.

    Hubs: Simple devices used to connect multiple computers together. They lack the ability to route messages and operate in half-duplex mode

    Again I urge you to do some research on your own about these until you have a good understanding about all the components. Good idea to ask your IT colleague to explain in plain terms.


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