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HTM Week is around the corner!

  • 1.  HTM Week is around the corner!

    Posted 05-11-2018 11:28
    Edited by Patrick Bernat 05-11-2018 14:14

    The annual Healthcare Technology Management (HTM) Week celebration is just around the corner! The celebration (May 20–26) is designed to promote awareness of-and appreciation for-the critical work of biomedical equipment technicians, clinical engineers, imaging specialists, laboratory equipment specialists, and other members of the HTM field.

    Please help promote HTM Week and the HTM field by posting photos on social media using the hashtags: #IAMHTM and #HTMWEEK. The more we tweet and the more we post on Instagram and Facebook, the more we will spread awareness about our field. We need your help! Visit for more HTM Week social media tools!

    This year, in addition to the annual "Best Celebration" contest, AAMI will host THREE complimentary online town halls during the week. Details about the town halls, the contest, and other great HTM Week resources are below.

    Online Town Halls

    The Bright Future of HTM: Tuesday, May 22, 12:00–1:00 pm Eastern
    Presenters: Rob Jensen, AAMI President; Danielle McGeary, AAMI VP of HTM
    This session will explore the bright future of healthcare technology management. Presenters will touch on the evolution of the HTM field, including professional development opportunities and the collaborative environment that healthcare technology management will be a part of in the future.
    Free registration

    Artificial Intelligence, Data, and HTM: Wednesday, May 23, 1:00–2:00 pm Eastern
    Presenter: Anthony Faddis, UCSF Medical Center
    This session will take a look into the future to examine how artificial intelligence and big data will impact the daily work of the HTM professional.
    Free registration

    True IV Pump Utilization: Exploring the Interface between Pumps and RTLS: Thursday, May 24, 1:00–2:00 pm Eastern
    Presenter: Dave Dickey, McLaren Health
    This session will explore a novel project undertaken at McLaren Health in Michigan, which investigates the interface between IV pumps and real-time location services (RTLS) to determine true IV pump utilization.
    Free registration

    Best Celebration Contest

    AAMI is once again holding its annual contest to recognize the department or facility that best celebrates HTM Week. Click here to let us know how your department or facility plans to celebrate. The winner will be announced at the end of HTM Week!

    HTM Week Posters and Other Resources

    These complimentary posters, social media tools, and numerous other HTM Week resources are also available for your use. Be sure to check out these awesome testimonials of outstanding HTM professionals, and don't forget to participate in the Best Celebration contest!

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