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HTM COVID-19 Webinar this Wednesday!

  • 1.  HTM COVID-19 Webinar this Wednesday!

    Posted 04-04-2020 13:56

    COVID-19 HTM Webinar: What You Need To Know

    Experienced HTM leaders will share advice, best practices, and pertinent information HTM professionals should know when navigating the COVID-19 health pandemic. Mike Busdicker, HTM System Director at Intermountain Health, will be discussing best practices for how HTM Departments should be managing the massive amounts of new equipment entering healthcare facilities during this time. Karen Waninger, HTM Executive Director at Franciscan Health Network, will be sharing how her HTM department is managing medical equipment maintenance during these challenging times.  As healthcare is expanding into non-traditional settings, Jared Wilson, CTO at Insight HTM, will be outlining the regulatory requirement differences at ambulatory care centers. Finally, Stephanie Domas, Executive Vice President at MedSec, will be explaining key cyber-security implications and concerns around medical devices that should be given consideration when working in alternative conditions and settings during these times.

    If you have HTM related COVID-19 questions, please send them to Danielle McGeary at

    When: Wednesday, April 8th; 4:30pm - 6pm ET

    Register here:

    Danielle McGeary
    VP of Healthcare Technology Management
    (703) 525-4890