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NeuWave Medical - Service Manuals

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    Posted 09-19-2018 20:04
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    Posted 09-20-2018 07:18
    Morning Paul,

    ​When Trialing Equipment we haven't worried to much about the service manual issue. We do ask for an inservice from the Sales rep if available so at least we know how to turn the unit on of called on it. Ethicon is notoriously tight on giving out there Service manuals because they do not allow anyone other than a factory trained Tech work on their equipment. What we have found is the equipment will be sent in for repair if there is a problem and aloaner sent. As for PM's on the unit, you can ask the sales rep or call the Tech Support number and find out the requirements for information post purchase. If they tell you it is going to cost $XXXX amount per year and will need to be sent in for this to happen. That should be information brought to the attention of the powers that be of the added cost to the device and down time.

    If and when the unit is actually purchased be sure that it is clear that the purchase requires a copy of the manual and the sale maybe contingent on it. Play hardball with the manuf. Remember we are here to protect our patients and staff. Not line the pockets of the manuf.

    Joseph Deater AAS
    Munson Healthcare
    Traverse City MI
    (231) 935-5074

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    Posted 09-21-2018 01:56
    With CMS/JC requirements that biomed show that they have the qualification to maintain the equipment, I don't see that it is arduous to add a line item for training. A medical organization that can spend $25K on each cardiac monitor, but can't spend $2500 on training for maintenance on said monitor has always bothered me! 

    The above is just an example, it could be anything purchased.

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    Posted 09-22-2018 09:40
    Service Manuals have been an issue when I started in 1977 and has continued to this day. We should not be fighting this battle alone, CMS should have an issue reporting path to resolve these issues. It is their requirement and was in NFPA 99 for years and before that in 76BT. Can these issues be reported to the ISO body? If enough complaints are reported would they loose their accreditation? Purchasing departments are getting more removed from the hospitals and do accept the statement the "We don't have service manuals" of course they have already approved the payment for the purchase. Very few Manufactures have the Tech power to service all their equipment in the field and with the fast approaching shortage, everyone will be having Tech power problems. We as Healthcare Manufactures and Healthcare Technology Managers should be pulling closer together because we need each other instead of pulling these stupid kindergarten games.

    Richard Davis III

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    Posted 09-20-2018 09:57
    Kudos to you and your team for including a review of the service manual in your technology assessment and acquisition process. The only opportunity we have to deal with this sort of nonsense is before purchasing the equipment.

    Matt Baretich
    Baretich Engineering Inc
    Fort Collins CO United States (970) 493-8239