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Should you apply for the AAMI/GE Biomed of the Year Award in 2018?

  • 1.  Should you apply for the AAMI/GE Biomed of the Year Award in 2018?

    Posted 12-19-2017 09:05
    Edited by Carlos Villafane 12-19-2017 09:17

    ​Hello everyone!

    I had the privilege and honor of being selected as the 2016 AAMI/GE Biomed of the Year.  It truly was a great surprise to be awarded, when I know there were many qualified applicants. Some people asked: How winning this award helped your career? 

    Recognition aside, I think that everything during the application process is a positive experience for the applicant.  When I was informed that a coworker was nominating me for the award, I needed to research for many documents (training certificates, licenses, prior achievements, etc.) and it helped me reflect on my skills and my career goals.  I also received a lot of feedback from my coworkers, friends, vendors and students and that helped me to notice how I was perceived by them as an HTM professional and which areas I need to improve.

    As a Biomed instructor in my spare time, I think it's great to use this award as a "badge" to motivate my biomed students to become great professionals in the future. Recently, 2 of my students decided to study and to take the CBET exam and they passed it in November!

    I believe that it is our duty as Biomeds to inform everyone about the crucial importance of our daily jobs.  And AAMI is a resource that provides us with the information and motivation we need to be successful in doing so. Applying for the Biomed of the Year Award is a great incentive to keep developing professionally.

    What are you waiting for? Visit and nominate yourself or a coworker by January 19, 2018.  


    Carlos Villafane CBET CET
    Bay Area Association of Medical Instrumentation