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Topic: Upcoming BI&T article: HTM and preparation for mass casualties 

1.  Upcoming BI&T article: HTM and preparation for mass casualties

Posted 11-27-2017 12:28

Upcoming BI&T article: request for input: How is HTM prepared for mass casualty events, public emergencies and disasters?

Please respond to me here with your availability, not answers, or at if you can contribute to this timely article I am writing. I'd welcome your expertise! We'll chat briefly on the phone at a time convenient for you. Deadline approaching.

*How have mass casualty events, such as the shootings in Las Vegas , affected your facility in terms of spurring action to prepare for such possible tragedies in your community?
*What were some of the scenarios that played out from a perspective of managing technology? 
*What emergency operations plans did your facility adopt as a result? Any lessons learned?

Thank you for your consideration.

Stephanie Stephens
Writer, Producer
Orange County/LA (CA)