Lead a Next Generation Brown Bag Session

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Starts: 03-28-2017
Location: Online Opportunity


About the opportunity: One of AAMI's Next Generation Task Force initiatives is to offer free, informal brown-bag style webinars that support the career development of students, young professionals, or those new to the field of healthcare technology. These webinars are on a volunteer basis and are meant to be an informal discussion, which means it is not necessary for presenters to develop a full presentation.

Time Commitment:  
The brown-bag session would be about 60 minutes and can flow a number of ways, for example, with questions taken throughout the program, short presentations and then questions, live discussion with attendees etc. The time commitment from presenters is about 2 hours total, including a 30 minute conference call to come up with discussion topics and create accompanying slides, a 30 minute troubleshooting/webinar platform rehearsal and the 60 minute program. 

AAMI Staff Contact: Allison Rafti, Director Membership Marketing. Arafti@aami.org

Interested applicants must be logged in (use sign-in button in upper right-hand corner) to submit an application for this committee. 

Volunteers Needed:

200 (200 open slots)

Experience Required:

No Experience Required

Staff Contact:

Allison Rafti